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About Cloosbot

Cloosbot is a cobot welding system available to buy and hire, on demand from Key Plant Automaton.

The go-to cobot solution for small batch size welding. Cloosbot has been developed to offer an affordable and accessible automated welding solution, that is fully adaptable to ever-changing customer requirements.

Engineered to help businesses of all sizes maximise their welding and fabrication throughput. The compact “ready to weld” package, provide space-saving for flexible adaptation to your production.

Cobot welding system - Cloosbot

Affordable and accessible

Your easy entry into automated welding

Unrivalled reliability

It works 24/7 with sustained high quality welding

Easy to use

Weld complex parts in minutes

Precise and robust

Perfectly suited for industrial environments

About Key Plant Automation

Key Plant is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of weld automation, handling & positioning equipment, and custom turnkey solutions. Covering a wide and diverse sector range; that include industries such as; the shipbuilding, automotive, power generation and defence sectors. Key Plant has built a catalogue of innovative and accomplished products, along with exclusive engineering solutions for customers all over the world.

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