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Optimum human-robot collaboration

Available to buy and hire, the Cloosbot offers you an easy entry into the world of automated welding. With the innovative cobot welding system you can weld even small batch sizes economically and with consistently high quality.

Cloosbot - cobot welding system

Quick programming

Automated welding from batch size one

Simple operation

No previous knowledge of robot programming required

"Ready to weld" complete package

Installation ready for welding within a few hours

Excellent welding quality

Reproducible welding results for maximum efficiency

Great ROI Opportunities

High economic efficiency with short amortisation time

Compact cobot design

Space-saving for flexible adaptation to your production environment

Exact, intuitive and safe

A torque sensor in each axis allows the Cloosbot to be programmed and moved precisely. The intuitive operation significantly increases work efficiency. The user can make individual adjustments on the user-friendly touch control panel with macros specially developed for welding. In addition, the Freedrive option with foot switch and the intelligent safety concept guarantee sensitive and safe control of the Cloosbot. Another special feature is the simple restart after an emergency stop as no extensive unlocking or free movement of the robot is necessary.

“Ready to Weld” complete package

The Cloosbot includes all components being necessary for automated welding – perfectly matched to each other and easy to mount. The compact ” Ready to weld” cobot package is delivered completely ready for operation which ensures a problem-free integration into existing production processes.

Cloosbot Cobot welding package

Cloosbot – Precise and robust

The 6-axis cobot has a range of 1,300mm and a payload of up to 10kg. A sensitive torque sensor in each axis enables optimum weight determination of the welding equipment. This is the basis for a very sensitive positioning of the cobot when programming the points as as for a precise power cut-off on contact (finger-forced stop). The Cloosbot mechanics has a very robust design and is perfectly suited for industrial welding operation. 

Cobot welder CloosBot

Technical data

Speed1 m/s
Repeatability± 0.1mm
Operating temperature5-45ºC
Mounting positionFloor, ceiling, walls
Type of protectionIP54
Movement per axis(Working angle/speed):
Axis 1±360º / 120º/s
Axis 2±360º / 120º/s
Axis 3±360º / 180º/s
Axis 4±360º / 225º/s
Axis 5±360º / 225º/s
Axis 6±360º / 225º/s


Efficient, modern processes

With a large range of proven and innovative welding processes, we offer you solutions for the future providing excellent quality, maximum efficiency and productivity. No matter if thick or thin, steel, chrome-nickel or aluminium – here you find the right welding process for every product requirement.

Control weld process

Control weld

Reliable MIG/MAG welding process for thin and thick materials

Vari weld process

Vari weld

MIG/MAG pulsed arc for optimum welding results even under demanding conditions

Root weld process

Root weld

Energy-reduced, controlled MIG/MAG short arc for special requirements

Rapid weld process

Rapid weld

High-capacity MIG/MAG spray arc for efficient welding

Fine weld process

Fine weld

Extremely low spatter MIG/MAG short arc for mixed gas and CO² applications

QINEO StarT 406 Premium – High-tech welding equipment

Simply weld better with the QINEO StarT: The welding power source offers you an easy entry into the world of automated welding. Use the advantages of the five available CLOOS welding processes in addition to the standard processes. This allows you to start welding immediately – without a long parameter search. With the QINEO StarT 406 you can use the energy-reduced, current-controlled MIG/MAG short arc process Fine Weld. Due to the minimised spatter formation, Fine Weld is suitable particularly for thin, coated plates and fine visible weld seams. Benefit from numerous optional components and functions. This makes the QINEO StarT your individual power source – exactly as you need it for your automated welding tasks.

QINEO StarT 406

Welding current20A / 15V – 400A / 34V
Welding current at 60% duty cycle*400A
Welding current at 100% duty cycle*350A
Open circuit voltage78.7V at 3 x 400V
74.6V at 3 x 380V
Mains voltage380V – 400V / 3 Phases
Connections cable4 x 6 mm2
Mains fuse slow acting32A
Type of protectionIP23
Insulation classF
Type of coolingF
Dimensions L/W/H720 x 340 x 500mm
Weight of power unit63kg
Weight of cooling module28kg
Weight of Eco cooling module18.5kg

* at an ambient temperature of 40ºC

Wire drive unit

Wire feed speedmax. 30m/min
Dimensions L/W/H342 / 203 / 215mm
Wire diameter0,8.. 2.0mm